All evaluations are based on a 1-5 scale, 1 being “strongly disagree”, 3 “neither agree nor disagree” and 5 being “strongly agree”
Overall rating of course instructor’s teaching is rated 1-5, with 5 being “excellent”, 3 being “good” and 1 being “poor”


The course was organized                                                                                                         4.63

The content was helpful to understand the subject                                                             4.69

There were good examples for me to understand the content                                          4.81

The instructor was well prepared                                                                                             4.94

The instructor communicated the content clearly                                                                4.56

The instructor had good eye contact with students                                                             4.38

The instructor used expressive and appropriate non-verbal languages                          4.88

The instructor used visual aid effectively                                                                                4.81

                                                                                     Qualitative Comments

You did great at delivering the content and giving examples so that I understood everything. Maybe encourage more class discussions so that students are more open to talking.

Great job! No suggestions. Content was engaging with lots of insightful examples and information.

Slides and explanations kind of confusing. Really good examples and connecting to class. Asking if you don’t understand a question.

Doing great! Very good in the course content. Always very prepared.

Slides always prepared nicely! I like how you take what we suggest and you follow through with it! Try to slow down on some of the slides when presenting- not enough time to take it all in.

She was very thorough to the point, encouraging of us to engage.

Ming always used examples from outside the book that helped with my understanding. Ming has the biggest heart and she uses personal examples to help us understand the content better.

The content was good and easy to understand. Ming, you did great! You helped me so much.

Ming was very engaging and expressed the material well.

Go a little slower on slides with a lot of notes on them, great job overall!

Ming had awesome content that helped a lot. One thing she could improve on is answering questions with feedback that the class gives.

You did an amazing job. Slow down just a little bit. Your PowerPoints were amazing. Keep up the great work.

You always did great in thoroughly explaining content. Slow down just a little bit when giving notes and lectures.

Expand on what is written on the slides.

CMST 1110 Public Speaking Fundamentals

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